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proposed that, if graduating teeth dental implant

proposed that, if graduating teeth dental implant, of the tooth. If the tooth has broken too large, it may be necessary to place a pin to reinforce it before wrapping the crown.The removal of root canal for modern dentistry has greatly reduced pain, local anesthetic in the process of taking root canal will make patients lose feeling, the mouth area completely feels numb, taking The pulp usually only needs to be completed 1 to 2 times. I took my pulp to 6, 7 times but my teeth still hurt when I chewed.Deviated teeth are the condition of the teeth not vertical up close to the teeth on the teeth. Not only affect the chewing activity, dental health that deviated teeth also reduce the face aesthetic severity. How to overcome this situation quickly and economically?Dilated teeth have many causes

The implant of the cheek bone is the ultimate solution for special cases such as osteoporosis. upper jaw, failure after implanted conventional implant, removal of jaw bone after treatment for cancer or facial deformities.The method also has the advantage of reducing the number of surgeries, shortening the length of stay and length of treatment. At the same time, allow patients to have Saigon Vietnam dental implants

temporary teeth fixed, while the old method of the patient must leave the tooth from 4 to 6 weeks, even longer than the temporary tooth removal.According to dentists, to restore the chewing function and aesthetics for patients with total loss of teeth, jaw bone is not capable of bone grafting, especially in postoperative cases. The upper jaw has been reconditioned for restoration of the vietnam dentist prices

lesion by software flaps. Without implantation of the cheekbones, it is not possible to overlap or bridge the entire implant. However, this technique requires adequate equipment, skilled and experienced physicians.Currently, there are two treatments for patients with total loss of the upper and maxillary teeth. In the case of her if the treatment of the old method (sinus transplant and trồng răng implant

conventional implants) The success rate is low because the bone in the sinus area is too thin, poor quality, it is difficult to nourish the grafted bone and implausible implant failure to lead to failure.Therefore, to ensure better results for the patient should choose a new method of treatment – implant implants into cheekbones. This is a very difficult method because the implant has a long pathway cấy ghép implant

which is close to important anatomical structures such as the sinus membrane, the optic nerve, the optic nerve, and so on. It is anatomically sound and experienced to avoid compromising these important structures. However, if you master the technique will bring high success and long-term success.trồng răng implant

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