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my husband and sent teeth dental implant

my husband and sent teeth dental implant,but also adversely affects the baby right from the womb.Severe periodontal pregnant women are warned to be born prematurely or have low birth weight. Cavities can even be transmitted from mother to child – babies whose mothers have many cavities are believed to be at high risk of getting tooth decay early.Oral bacteria can be transmitted from mother to child, pregnant women should pay special attentionYour baby’s germs are started to form at about 6-7 weeks gestation. The fetus’ teeth will develop

disease, bone and periodontal tissue are destroyed, forming a periodontal pocket around the teeth. Your dentist may recommend that you perform reconstructive surgery when there is support for bone destruction. After surgery, part of the periodontal bone and tissue can regenerate. During the surgery, the dentist will remove the gums, clean the diseased tissue, place the lesions on membranes Saigon Vietnam dental implants

bone graft or tissue-stimulating protein to support the natural ability of the body to regenerate periodontal tissue and bone. There are many options to improve the support of periodontal tissue as well as dental bone restoration. The dentist will discuss with you the best option. The benefit of periodontal disease surgery is to remove bacteria and regenerate tissue and bone to reduce periodontal depth vietnam dentist prices

repair damage caused by disease. Combined with good oral hygiene and well-maintained treatment, the chance of keeping your natural teeth increases and reduces the risk of diseases associated with periodontal disease.A few days ago I had an accident that broke my front teeth, making it difficult for me to chew and especially aesthetics! Now I want to replant my teeth with an implant trồng răng implant

method but I wonder how long does it take to implant? May the doctor help me. Thank you doctor.Dental implant is a perfect restorative solution for teeth, overcoming most of the disadvantages of conventional dental prosthetic techniques. In order to carry out an implant, the doctor will slit the gums to expose the bone and implant a pillar made from Titanium in, the time to place the implant nha khoa uy tín

post Depending on the situation, the doctor will attach temporary crowns to the patient or schedule a few days later. The entire transplant process will last from 1-6 months, long or long depending on the density of the jaw xem phim TVB

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